• VGR V-700 (5 In 1) Rechargeable Electric Female Epilator

    • Efficient and effective
    • for legs, face, underarms, bikini line and other sensitive areas
    • Cordless and rechargeable:Ensures you always use the device at optimal power without the cord, and the smart light design is convenient to you for a precise epilation
    • 2-speed operation to accommodate different hair types ( fine or coarse hair )
    • Epilating:Hold the epilator at 90-degree angle in your palm and switch it on,Select speed 2 for larger areas with stronger hair growth,position the epilator perpendicularly onto your skin, pointing against the direction of the hair growth
    • Shaving:Press both side buttons at the top of the unit to release the head,Place the shaver head into the unit and press firm into position,for best results, switch the appliance on and shave in the opposite direction of hair growth
    • Facial cleaning:Wet your skin and the brush head with water,Apply proper amount of cleaner or skin care agent on the brush head,Turn on the unit, put the brush head close to the skin slightly, then gently clean the face circularly with it
    • Massaging:Suitable for forehead massage,Move it from the center to both sides,More than 100000 Micro-crystalline particle mildly remove aged cutin
    • Plug Type:EU Plug,it applies to Indonesia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and so on.
    • Brand: VGR
    • Product Name: Electric Epilator
    • Model: V700
    • Charging time: 8H
    • Run time 50 minutes
    • Power: 3W
    • Cleaning method: the cutter head can be washed
    • color:white + green
    • Material:plastic
    • size:13*5.8*2.5cm
    • Package Contents:
      1*pcs adapter
      1*USB line shaving head
      1*dermabrasion head
      1*pcs plucking head
      1*pcs storage bag
      1*pcs cleaning brush
      1*pcs cleaning cloth
      1*pcs manual

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