• TEFAL Actirfy Express1.2 KG

    • 1 spoon of oil for 1 kg of real crispy french fries
    • Just one spoon of oil for crispy and tasty french
      fries and much more.
    • Make 1kg of French fries with only 3% fat
    • Actifry patented technology : heat pulse system and stirring paddle.
    • Cooking of meat, fish, vegetables…
    • Digital timer and automatic stop.
    • Dishwasher safe.
  • TEFAL Actifry Original 1KG

    • The revolutionary healthy fryer: 1 spoon of oil for 1 kg of real crispy French fries!
    • Discover the Actifry air fryer, the revolutionary healthy fryer!
    • HEALTHY Enjoy the authentic taste of homemade French fries with only 3% fat! With the Actifry fryer, never feel guilty again when enjoying good food.
    • VERSATILE From starters to desserts,the Actifry air fryer gives you plenty of possibilities, and not only French fries.
    • With the MyActifry mobile app, discover hundreds of mouth-watering Actifry recipe suggestions for the whole family.
    • CONVENIENT No need to preheat, no need to stir: thanks to its automatic stirring paddle, the Actifry air fryer guarantees homogeneous cooking without any manual intervention.
    • Choose Actifry and join a community of over 9 million families worldwide!
    • Capacity 1 kg, for up to 4 people
    • More than just French fries

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