• Laser Pointer 302 With Multi Points

    • Laser Pointer 302 With Multi Points
    • Available in 2 Different Colors: Gold and Silver
    • Can be used for Remote indication, indicating the atmosphere manufacturing class (disco cool to play, create the atmosphere, teaching directing, conference report indicates, Architecture Exhibition control instructions, and refer to the best star pen)
  • Mini Laer Pointer YX-12

    • Product Description
    • This auction features a mini laser stage light emits both Green & Red laser lighting.
    • It has laser pattern of
    • Dynamic Liquid Sky
    • Animated Moving Stars
    • Blooming Flowers and Fireworks
    • Fully Adjustable Motion Speed
    • It is a perfect DJ Device for Night Club, Disco, Pub, Bar, House Party, etc.
    • Dimension 5.5″x4.6″x2.4″
    • Weight: 2.15lbs
    • Laser Type Class III
    • Output  650nm/100mW and 532nm/50mW
    • Power  100V-240V,  50-60HZ
    • Color Green and Red
    • Style Laser Matrix, more than 500 red and green laser dots
    • Play Mode  Speed control enable
  • Green Laser Pointer

    This High-Quality Laser Pointer Incorporates the Latest Technology in Green Laser Optics and Microelectronics
    Use Your Laser Pointer to Point at Any Desired Targets, Project Screens, or Video Monitors, Presentations Museum and Tour
    Guides, Point at the Stars, And Inspection.
    Press The Button Switch To Turn The Laser On.
    Release The Switch To Turn It Off.
    Insert Batteries:
    Unscrew the End Cap, Insert Batteries with Positive End Upward and Screw the End Cap.
    Laser Type: Visible Laser Diode
    Powered By 2 X AAA Batteries (Included)

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